To show our gratitude and “pay-it-forward” here is our Referral Program:

$500 Visa Gift Card for you AND $500 for Charity

Simply fill out the form to the right to refer us one of the following:

  1.  A person for one of our “Featured” jobs.
  2.  An introduction to a new Client or Hiring Manager.
You receive a Referral Reward if we place your Candidate Referral or when we fill a role because of your Client Referral. We mail you a $500 Visa Gift Card AND we give $500 to the charity you choose from the list below. This is our way of giving back to causes we care about and thanking those that support us while helping others advance their careers. Thank you for paying-it-forward.
Filling out the form to the right allows us to track referrals. 

Misc Info:  Once we successfully place someone in a position, we wait until their guarantee period is complete (usually 30 – 60 days) and if they are still employed we then pay out the referral reward. Candidate Referral Rewards are only offered for candidates that are placed with one of our clients from the jobs are listed on our “Featured Jobs” board to the Right or that have our “Referral Rewards” Logo. Candidates submitted to the general or networking job boards are not subject to a referral fee unless specified.  If someone is referred and they are already being considered, they are not subject to a referral fee.  The person making a referral through alternate methods (email or phone) instead of through the form to the right must track and request any referrals.  Client Referral Rewards for jobs are for the first placement made due to an introduction to a new Client.  Multiple rewards may be given for referrals to new companies that result in a placement from MCS. Requests dating back more than three (3) months will not be considered.


Referral Form

Your Name

Your Phone Number

Name of your Referral

Referral's Phone Number

Referral's Email Address

Is this a Referral for a Client / Job Order or for a Candidate?

If Candidate Introduction, which Position are you Referring them for?

If Client Introduction, what is Company Name & Position Title?

May we mention your name?

We track these and if your referral is hired we will give you a $500 gift card and donate $500 to charity.
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This is our way of paying-it-forward and saying "thank you" to our network

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