Understanding the Recruiter’s Outlook


With today’s high industry standards and the increasing amount of work on HR, many industries are outsourcing their recruiting tasks to professional recruiters.  The recruiters will source and attract prospective candidates, manage the interviewing process and then recommend the best candidate.  As a result, recruiters represent the face of their client company when dealing with prospective candidates.  In the process of strengthening or upholding the reputation of the hiring company, they are privy to certain things not always disclosed in the brief job description.  Below is a list of certain behaviours and activities which may disqualify a candidate for a role:

  1. Dishonesty.  This ranks way up there as one of the worst things a candidate can do.  This can be more than just embellishing things on your resume.  I have had candidates lie about their desire to get a new job just so they could negotiate a counter-offer from their current employer.  I’ve seen people be blatantly dishonest about their desire or ability to relocate.  And of course I’ve seen resumes with fake certifications, degrees, and dates of employment.  It is annoying to the recruiter involved in the interview process to shortlist someone for a job only to realize later that they were deceived! This will earn a top spot in the recruiter’s black list and immediately disqualify you for consideration for the role.
  2. Just not into the job.  Let’s face it, you may not like the job that is being offered by the recruiter, but please don’t pretend.  It is a waste of time and resources to interview you for a position if you know at any point that you would not accept an offer from this specific client.  If at any point something comes up that is a no-go for you – tell the recruiter immediately.  If you have questions or red-flags that need to be addressed let the recruiter know.  If you are going to need to be removed from consideration it is better this happen sooner than later.
  3. Upstaging the recruiter.   If you have spoken with a recruiter that ultimately determines you aren’t a fit for the role, and then decide to go behind their back and apply to the client directly, you are making a major mistake.  Many recruiters work on Retainers or Exclusives and your name will just be put back into their list.   Once they realize what you’ve done, you can guarantee you won’t get any further; not only with the client, but with any future opportunities that recruiter may have.
  4. Pulling the disappearing act.  If a Recruiter is constantly hunting you down to get feedback or schedule next steps they will get frustrated.  Your responsiveness and predictability is key to establishing a strong and rewarding long-term relationship.  The same goes with your recruiter; they should always be willing and able to answer your call or respond to your emails.
  5. Not valuing the recruiter.  The recruiter is the client’s direct representative and primary point of contact for the position in question.  They will only submit candidates they feel are respectful, professional, and qualified.  Knowing the value of a recruiter and treating them as a career partner is important if you wish to benefit from their services.
  6. Dressing unprofessionally.  This combined with coming late to the interview are major red flags for recruiters.  How you present yourself to us is how we anticipate you will present yourself to our client.  If you are nonchalant or disengaged we can’t and won’t recommend you.
  7. Unnecessary follow up.  Following up every two to three weeks is good and welcome, but the candidate that calls or emails every couple of days can quickly become a nuisance.  Each client moves at their own pace and the recruiter has little influence on this.  Once you have been submitted, you can be guaranteed that as soon as the client requests a meeting or interview the recruiter will call you immediately.  However, letting us know you are still interested and if any developments occur in your job search is welcome and we are always happy to provide updates as to what is going on during the process.

Recruiters offer a valuable and important service to companies and job seekers; candidates must realize the recruiter represents the client and the decisions they make will be based on this fact.  Respect and professionalism towards a recruiter can create a mutually beneficial relationship that will determine what opportunities you are considered for.  What have been your experiences with recruiters – good or bad?

by:  Anjela Mangrum, CPC

Anjela Mangrum is the founder of Mangrum Career Solutions Inc.  MCS partners with industrial and machining manufacturing businesses to source and secure mid-to-upper level talent for operations, supply chain, and engineering positions.  They work to empower individual job seekers by helping them gain a competitive edge in their job search. For hiring needs contact Anjela at 513.753.3813 x101.

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