Customized & In-depth Interviews

At the heart of our Specialty Search success lies our in-depth Candidate Evaluations. As your partner in filling your leadership roles, we want to provide you all the information you need to ensure you are making the right hiring decision. We know that resumes are notoriously weak in this regard. The strongest Candidate may have a weak resume that doesn’t fully show you what you need to see. We craft customized Interviewing Questionnaires that are meant to answer all the questions you need to have answered to determine if someone is a good fit for your role. We utilize information we obtain during our Discovery Calls, conversations with other decision makers, your job description, company website, and other sources to create these evaluations. We then provide them to you to make edits prior to our initial interviews. These documents become the foundation of your decision-making process. They allow us to put everyone through the same interview process, with the same questions being asked. 


You can easily compare Candidates side-by-side as well as quickly assess how each person fits the positions requirements and your company’s culture. We package this into a nice document and include supporting documents, such as resume, LinkedIn Profiles, Bios, References, etc. All is sent to you with a one-page high-level summary match. All you have to do is review and select next steps in our highly streamlined process.


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