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  • Columbus, OH, USA
  • 2022-03-18

Position: AUDITOR – Public Accounting (Junior – Mid Level)

A lot of folks shy away from public accounting. Google “What is the reputation of public accounting” and you get a pretty dim view.

At the same time, there’s a lot that makes it a great field, particularly early on in your career –

  • Exposure to different businesses and industries
  • Development of a huge professional network
  • Insight into different ways to approach similar challenges
  • Opportunity to develop / enhance consultative skills

What if you could combine the advantages of public accounting with the life balance of a traditional corporate job? This might just be that opportunity.


Our client is a small CPA firm in central Ohio focused on small to mid sized businesses as well as not-for-profits. They’ve been around for over a half century, and has developed a reputation for trust and performance with their clients, many of whom have been with them for decades.

With growth, they are looking for an individual to join their team as an Auditor. In this role, you do all the usual auditor stuff such as work with small business execs, examine financial records, make sure tax payments are made accurately and on time, look at financial records to ensure compliance with whatever regulations are appropriate for that business, etc. Beyond that, you work with clients to help them run the organizations smoothly with a minimum of hassle from a financial reporting / accounting perspective.

So, that sounds like every other Auditor job out there. What’s different about this one? It’s culture and environment. We interviewed a couple of folks that work with this firm to see:

“I like that there’s no politics here. Everyone is open and honest, no pretenses, and there’s no games.”

“The Managing Partner sits just down the hall, and I see him all the time. His door’s always open and I can just walk in and talk about a situation or ask a question.”

“It’s a real family-oriented company. If I need to take my kid to the doctor, I can do it and adjust my hours without being made to feel guilty about it.”

“I know I can grow here. You’re not simply filling a niche, you’re working in a role with broad based activities, clients, and responsibilities.”

“As a college grad, I never thought I’d work at a small firm. But, I love it. A lot of energy and great folks to work with.”

“We do all sorts of team and community things, like charity golf outings and helping our not for profit clients with their events and initiatives.”

Not your typical Auditor job in a CPA firm.


A foundation of a year or more of professional accounting background and basic audit experience clicks the first box. Secondly, you’ll be in a client facing role a lot of the time, so strong interpersonal and relationship skills are key to success. A curious nature and the ability to look at financials and sense something might not be right and then dig in. Experience with common tools like Quickbooks and Excel. Finally, a desire to continue to grow professionally, and work towards your CPA.

Sound like something you’d like to talk about? Let us know by responding to this ad and sending your resume, and we’ll follow up.