President Truck Equipment Division

  • Kansas City, MO
  • 2022-08-29

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The President of this Truck Equipment Division will be responsible for formulating and implementing the strategic plan and vision for the division and guiding the business for accelerated growth. This includes developing a comprehensive business plan and strategy for the organization and creating a sustainable and profitable go-to-market business model for up-fit products and services. In addition, this individual will be responsible for improvement to operations based on the implementation of lean manufacturing techniques.

This individual must possess excellent analytical skills; possesses strong leadership abilities – including the ability to lead cross-functional teams towards common goals. This individual will be responsible for implementing a strategic plan and vision that guides the division’s business. In addition, they are tasked with developing an efficient go-to-market strategy as well as continually improving operations and growth.

LOCATION:  Initially full remote, however, a new HQ is planned after this incumbent is in place.

 Compensation: Competitive plus STI and LTIP

Essential Functions
• Lead and inspire a high-performance leadership team. Build team retention, create and implement succession plans, and provide guidance and direction for management career development.
• Plan, develop and implement tactics to generate sharply improved revenue and EBIT for the company.
• Establish and drive a national branding and marketing strategy.

Generate timely, accurate and complete reports to the Parent company on the condition of all business and operational functions.
• Drive standard processes across all TE functions.
• Lead the company through a sustained LEAN transformation. Oversee initiatives to develop and instill a continuous improvement culture.
• Guide and direct the EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) function to positively impact the health and safety of TE’s team members towards a goal of “zero harm or loss”.
• Target and execute acquisitions; integrate acquired businesses.


  • At least five years of experience running a full P&L of at least $150M.
  • Experience in a business involving fabricating trucks or vans AND OR truck mounted equipment for the work truck industry.
  • A broad functional background including general management of P&L’s, sales & marketing, manufacturing, engineering, and lean functions.
  • A proven track record of driving best practices, improving productivity and profitability implementing good investment decisions.
  • Demonstrated prior experience in lean methodologies and tools.
  • Tolerant of extensive travel (up to 75%) for at least the first few years.


An undergraduate degree from an accredited university is required; an advanced degree is preferred.