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  • Richmond, VA, USA
  • 2021-10-07
Position Overview
The Research Manager is responsible for ensuring that our research team delivers valuable solutions and creates a great experience for our customers and partners.
A strong Research Manager excels in delivering great customer experiences, building and managing research portfolios, managing value-oriented research projects, managing research teams, and developing key research capabilities.
**Delivering Great Customer Experience**
The Research Manager is at the forefront of delivering a great experience to each of our customers (including industry and university members, government sponsors, and other collaborative research partners).
The Research Manager will work with our leadership, research partners, and the research teams to develop, plan, and execute strategic research portfolios. A strong Research Manager is a good consensus builder with great communication skills, and has an understanding of value and opportunity that is well grounded in manufacturing and technology.
 Ensure that we deliver quality research results that exceed customer expectations
 Build strong industry customer relationships focused on a great customer experience, such as by serving as the key customer liaison or relationship partner
 Build strong collaborative teams with industry, government, and university partners
 Ensure strong, responsive communication with all partners
 Work collaboratively with university partners and federal sponsors to build strategic and valuable research programs that align well with our research priorities and solve key manufacturing challenges
 Develop research strategies, collaborations, and partnerships in collaboration with other research managers and leadership
 Work with leadership, communications, and research teams to build strong content for technical and marketing communications Value-Oriented Project Management
 Develop, plan, and execute research projects.
 Possess a strong ability to work with teams to identify and define motivations, objectives, outcomes, and value of research, and to turn those drivers into well planned projects that exceed customer requirements on time and under budget. 
 Facilitate communication with members/customers, partners, and research teams to build projects that focus on customer value
 Ensure strong synergy of individual proposals/projects with overall research strategy and customer needs
 Clearly define specifications, budgets and timelines with members/customers and research teams
 Direct management of technical personnel, including performance management, skill gap analysis, staff recruiting, etc., in accordance with company policy.
 Develop and strengthen team skills and capabilities, including through individual development plans, consistent coaching and mentoring, training, etc.
 Build and manage research capabilities, equipment, and resources
 Realize revenue by converting funding into high value research results
 Collaborate with other research managers and leadership to allocate resources across teams
Minimum Qualifications
 B.S. in a field of Engineering, Science, Mathematics, or related discipline(s).
 Skilled at understanding and communicating with customers, including translation of their needs and desires into actionable plans and being responsive in communication.
 Experience leading teams composed of engineers, scientists, and technicians.
 Experience working with companies in process development, production, R&D, or related engineering.
 Experience building and leading collaborative projects and project teams.
 This position requires access to technology or intellectual property that is subject to export control requirements. Candidates must be qualified for such access without an export control license.
Preferred Qualifications
 M.S. or Ph.D. in a field of Engineering, Science, Mathematics, or related discipline(s).
 Experience working with customers to understand drivers and needs.
 Experience developing technical project plans to solve problems. Able to quickly and accurately break down a challenge into actionable plans that achieve clear deliverables within defined schedule, budget, and resource constraints.
 Strong team leadership experience; adept at championing and supporting the team as well as being skilled in constructive conflict resolution.
 Direct experience leading research, development, and/or technology insertion that support manufacturing industries, such as through new equipment design or integration, manufacturing software systems development, direct production support, process development, etc.
 Strong project management skills and experience.
 Excellent communication skills, including verbal, written and presentation skills.
 Skilled in constructing & executing strategic plans, such as road-mapping, to communicate the purpose and vision for research programs.