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  • Cincinnati, OH, USA
  • 2021-01-24
Job Summary:

Shipping and Warehouse Clerk will be responsible for receiving, documentation, and data entry of incoming raw materials, equipment, tools, and other production purchases. This role will also be responsible for packaging, product counting, documentation, labeling, data entry, shipment of finished product. Responsible for operation of tumbler and shaker equipment, as needed. Carry out all duties according to standard work instructions with emphasis on quality, defect prevention, and effective problem-solving communication with supervisors, operators, and staff. Equipment/ Machinery used: Weigh scales, power saw, shrink wrappers, banding equipment, wood skids, forklift, tumbler, shaker, safety equipment, hand truck,  and other tools and equipment when needed.

Job Responsibilities:

Primary Duties

  • Assure proper labeling on all packages including print and check all Lot #s, ID #S, MSDS, warnings, etc.
  • Package, label, and prepare finished products for shipment according to ship/ customer orders and shipping documents. 
  • Maintain an organized shipping/ reviewing area – Keeping finished product, pending shipments, and hold items segregated and clearly marked.
  • Verify incoming materials/ deliveries for accuracy to purchase documents. 
  • Accurately complete purchase orders, shop order paperwork, and shipping documentation.
  • Enter shipping and receiving data into computer database systems. 
  • Segregate, mark and identify nonconforming (rejected) materials and products.
  • Load and unload materials to/from waiting carriers. 
  • Operate tumbler and shaker 
  • Complete weight checks (counting) on finished products.
  • Keep shipping / receiving dock and surrounding area clean. 

Secondary Duties:

  • Other duties as assigned- each employee is expected to cooperate and perform work when requested by his or her supervisor, which may not necessarily correspond with the primary duties listed above.
Required Skills & Qualifications:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • 2 years experience in industrial/ manufacturing (preferably shipping/ receiving)
  • Must be able read and comprehend work instructions shop orders, shipping papers, etc.
  • Basic math comprehension (decimal, fractional & metric)
  • Computer system understanding and data entry skills
  • Manual dexterity
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skill
  • Physical endurance: must be able to
    • stand/ walk 85%- 95% of the time
    • lift heavy objects (approx. 50- 100 lbs) when needed
    • tolerate working in areas with levels of dust and noise 85%- 95% of the time
    • tolerate temperatures based on daily climate