Sr. Machine Learning Software Engineers (Arm chips)

  • Austin, TX
  • 2022-09-12

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This position can be remote from Silicon Valley, CA, Seattle, WA, or Austin, TX.
If you are an advanced software engineer experienced in developing infrastructure type systems for software product development or other very high performance systems, this can be a great next move for you.  Our client needs senior engineers with advanced CPU knowledge, preferably on Arm chips, or any similar.  Your machine learning skills will help tune the overall system to run advanced custom machine learning frameworks and infrastructure and develop new ones. Some of your experiences may include systems like Tensorflow, PyTorch, ONNX, XGBoost, Scikit-learn; kernel libraries like BLAS, OneDNN, Arm Compute Library, and Arm Performance Library.  This job is to develop tools like these, not to apply them.  Any open source involvement in machine learning systems will be highly beneficial. Much of this job will involve collaboration with open source communities to optimize these systems. This team has successfully helped improve all of the top ML open source systems. 
Low -level skills to include compiler development and optimization are extremely helpful here.
Bulleted Requirements:
-Sr. status: the team can hire up and including Principal Engineer level. 
-7+ years of progressive experience
-At least a B.S. degree in Computer Science or another computer or engineering specialty.
Why you should apply:  Our client is one of the most successful cloud hosting firms, offering a superior cost/performance metric which is causing thousands of companies to move their machine learning and other high performance applications to this platform.  The team is growing very fast and is composed of senior people who have been working together for yours.  In the past 7 years no employees have left this team. Salaries and other compensation are exceptional.  Most importantly the culture supports and encourages innovation.  Your firsts will be celebrated!