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Clients: Mangrum Solutions is your partner in recruitment solutions, we help smooth the relocation process between our clients in and around San Jose, CA, and our Candidates who are considering moving here. Our executive search firm has a strong understanding of the job market in San Jose, we know the key players and network here extensively. We recognize the importance of hiring top talent and that can mean relocation is necessary. With our nationwide network of recruiters to support our internal efforts, we can help you hire top talent that can adjust and thrive in San Jose. Our Recruiters know first-hand the complexities of relocating and they ask the right questions to help ensure a smooth process. When you partner with a recruitment firm with experienced headhunters, you can rest easy, knowing your search is in good hands.

Candidates: Are you thinking about accepting a position and relocating to San Jose? You have quite an adventure ahead and Mangrum Career Solutions will support you throughout your transition. With the unbeatable weather, safe neighborhoods, and numerous career opportunities, most locals find the higher cost of living well worth the tradeoff. In addition to being the Capital of Silicon Valley, there are more tech companies here than anywhere else. In addition to tech numerous manufacturing and various other companies also choose to headquarter in San Jose. With sunny weather for around 260 days per year, you can really take advantage of a healthy outdoor lifestyle. San Jose is highly rated as safe and has an extremely low poverty rate, it's considered as one of the top 10 least stressed cities in America. Downtown shopping continues to improve, and it is the hub of arts and entertainment including theatres, museums, and food co-ops. There is a light rail and bus system in San Jose, but cars are still the preferred method for getting around this city. The San Francisco Bay Area which also includes San Francisco and Oakland hosts six major sports franchises, so if you love sports there's plenty to choose from.

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5-Year Replacement Program

We stand behind our placements with an unprecedented 5-Year Replacement Program to give you confidence in your hiring decision.

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Proprietary GEAR Interview Process

MCS utilizes an extensive and thorough proprietary GEAR Assessment Process that we’ve fine-tuned through our 12 years of experience.

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Cultural Fit & Hiring Assessments

Our assessments can provide a deeper understanding of the Candidate’s personality, cultural preferences, employee development & more.

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In-Depth Candidate Evaluations

We craft customized Interviewing Questionnaires to answer all the questions you need to determine if someone is a good fit for your role.

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Video Interviewing Solutions

Save money by reducing travel, maintain social distancing and still thoroughly vet qualified Candidates effectively with recorded video interviews.

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Repeat Placement Discounts

To build long-term relationships we provide savings with our Repeat Placement Discounts as you build your team with us.

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