MCS Endorsements

I  worked with Anjela on a job search for a critical position that required  specific technological skill sets. Anjela presented a number of qualified  candidates that matched the exact job specifications needed in a reasonable  time period. During the entire process, Anjela was diligent in keeping in touch  on the job search process through both written and verbal communication. I have  worked with a number of recruiters in the past and I would rank Anjela very  highly in her field. L. Gordon


Mangrum Career Solutions has partnered with our company  to assist in filling a number of hard-to-fill positions. Over the last year or  so, Christian Mangrum has been dedicated to presenting highly qualified  candidates for these positions. I have found Christian to be very professional,  as well as committed to our success. I would recommend him and Mangrum Career  Solutions to any company who is looking for a recruiting firm that will be a  true partner in their recruiting efforts.  J. Snyder


Anjela has worked directly for me and since  starting her own business she now contracts services to my company. She  consistently produces top quality work while earning praises from our clients  as well as the candidates she works with. Anjela is well organized, has a very  strong work ethic, and is completely dependable. I never worry about quality,  quantity, or timelines when she is managing a project. She is a consummate  professional in the recruiting business and she is constantly looking for ways  to improve our processes. I can recommend her without hesitation. D.  Littleton


I have known Angela for several  years now and have worked with her on finding the “top and best  talent” for her clients. How Angela approaches and practices  client-candidate management is leading-edge; always focus on achieving  exceptional customer service; and making the client-candidate match the best  fit that will result in a win-win outcome for all involved in the process. Many still focus on the “hard  tools and data”, while they do play a necessary part in the recruiting and  client-candidate process,  Angela has  incorporated the best of the ‘people side of recruiting and hiring  practices”; customer service and along with being innovative in finding  talent in how she approaches solutions. This makes Angela one of the best in  her field as demonstrated by her real-world results. D.  Stoelb


‘Christian’ is one of the very few recruiters who really delivered  exactly what was discussed and promised. Christian went well above and beyond and exceeded all my  expectations. I have worked with many Recruiters during my career and it was  the first time that I was truly very pleasantly surprised and I thank him for  all the hard work and his commitment to make my search for the right opportunity  a success. I recommend Christian to any one that is looking for a successful and  dedicated recruiter…P. Hitscheler


Anjela is one of the most creative executive recruiters in the industry.  Her approach to opening doors is new and refreshing and she is continuously  looking for new and aggressive ways to change in an economy that demands  it.Anjela’s industry knowledge is world class and is enhanced for each new  opportunity. I am very impressed with her overall passion to use her skills to  help others, even when she has no immediate benefit. I predict that a new  standard of service will evolve and she will be a catalyst in the change.  J.  Chiavetta


Christian is one of the very few recruiters who really delivered exactly  what we needed and rather quickly. It was a difficult assignment, I realize, to  find a specific skill set and with a specific profile and industry background.  I have worked with many Recruiters over the past 20+ years and I was  disappointed with many. Christian, however, was focused and highly devoted to  make that placement a success. I am really glad to have worked with Christian  and I will do so again in the future.  E. Stolz


Truly a trusted partner for company owners and executives when they need  access to specialized resources, but don’t know who to turn to. P. Kortekamp


Professional, knowledgeable, very responsive, and thorough.As a  recruiter, Anjela puts in the extra effort required, through networking and  pre-screening, to ensure her clients have access to the  best candidates possible. She also goes above and beyond with her candidates to  make sure they have all of the information they need about the hiring company  to make an informed decision. I would strongly recommend Anjela’s work.S. Wilkes


Anjela  was always there when I needed her. She was a great help during the process and  would get answers very quickly. I could count on her to follow-up and keep me  informed. She was a pleasure to deal with and also very professional. J.  Wysinski


Anjela helped me to find my current job. She was great at providing updates  and demonstrated excellent customer service. The recruiting industry needs more  recruiters like her. K. Keip


Anjela is a very knowledgeable person in her field. She is reliable and  detailed. Always supportive and gives her personal touch in what she does. C.  Ungaretti


Anjela does a great job working with people and meets commitments on her  end. She was instrumental throughout the recruiting process and kept me  informed and updated at every step along the way. I would definitely recommend  her services. J. Atwood


Top of the line when seeking an executive job  opportunity in the job market.E. Roa


Anjela exemplifies the professionalism that goes far beyond the  expectations of other professionals in her business. She has clearly  demonstrated her ability to be responsive and responsible in her assignments.  She accepts challenging assignments willingly and most important completes her  assignments on a timely basis. I am pleased to know Anjela and very confident  in her ability to represent the interest of others.  A. Dwyer


Anjela is a professional executive recruiter with passion and a true desire  to help others go beyond success in their career advancement.  K. Breitenbucher
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