How important is a job resume? Most people realize this document is extremely important, yet it is amazing how many professionals have a weak or poorly designed resume. Your resume is the first written document that represents you as a professional seeking employment. What your resume says about you is very important, perhaps more important than what it says about your skills or experience.

For example, if you have loaded your resume with all kinds of relevant and irrelevant details about your career that aren’t relevant to your current career path, you are making a mistake. Your resume is a sizzler piece, its primary purpose is to land you interviews and act as a door opener for various opportunities. The following is a set of tips on making sure your resume is professional:

Keep your resume short

Even if you have 10 years of experience and many certifications to cover, remember that a recruiter or hiring manager usually has to go through several resumes a day. No one has the patience to wade through your passionately written biography. Your resume should not exceed 3 pages in length. If you have more to say, put that information in an appendix that you can hand over to an interviewer as necessary.

Use a strong branding statement

This branding statement should be showcased to create a title header for your resume. This will help ascertain your level and targeted roles at a glance.

Write a powerful career objective

This should be right on top of the first page. A hiring manager should be able to get a sense of who you are, your confidence level and your potential value to his or her company through your career objective. Your career objective should be crisp, well-worded and succinct.

Provide a list of primary attributes and skills

This should include keywords that will help you be found by recruiters and hiring managers using software programs to search for candidates. It is often one of the first things looked at in determining if a candidate is a match or not. Do not underestimate the importance of this.

Use a professional

The resume is such an important document that unless you are extremely confident in your own ability to know exactly what headhunters and companies are looking for you should probably involve the services of a professional writer. Each industry has specific formats and styles that they prefer. A professional writer can help make the most of keywords, attractiveness, and branding. They can give you a competitive advantage that your resume will stand out and get noticed.

by:  Anjela Mangrum, CPC

Anjela Mangrum is the founder of Mangrum Career Solutions Inc.  MCS partners with industrial and machining manufacturing businesses to source and secure mid-to-upper level talent for operations, supply chain, and engineering positions.  They work to empower individual job seekers by helping them gain a competitive edge in their job search. For hiring needs contact Anjela at 513.753.3813 x101.

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