Employment Brand – Your Website

Your website is the face of your employment brand.  When a candidate stops at your website, is it easy to find open positions?  Can they get information on how to apply and what skills / experience are required?  Does the page appear dated or not consistent with the rest of the site?  These are all critical areas to address when building a successful employment brand.

Some companies purposely differentiate their employment brand from their company brand.  They have different colors, look, feel and logos that more accurately reflect the culture of the organization.  If that is something that appeals to your company, be sure it is to the same professional standards as the rest of your site.  It is critical the candidate get the right message.

When a candidate submits a resume or application through your site, it is imperative they receive feedback.  Many candidates have complained for years that there is no response and submitting resumes to companies is like sending them into a “black hole”.  Even if everyone after the initial application stage is extremely responsive, once the candidate is hired they will remember the lack of follow up.  There are many auto-responder programs on the market today but even placing a vacation/out-of-office message on the account that receives resumes would give the applicant some feedback.

The best way to test your employment brand is to actually be a candidate and use your site.  Could you find the positions posted, was applying as easy as possible and did you get a response?  Those kinds of tests can go a long way to helping candidates feel good about your company.

Copywrite 2009 Anjela Mangrum, [email protected]

Anjela Mangrum is the founder of Mangrum Career Solutions Inc.  MCS partners with industrial and machining manufacturing businesses to source and secure mid-to-upper level talent for operations, supply chain, and engineering positions.  They work to empower individual job seekers by helping them gain a competitive edge in their job search. For hiring needs contact Anjela at 513.753.3813 x101.

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