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7 Benefits & Challenges of Holiday Hiring

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Unwrapping Talent: Holiday Hiring Insights for Manufacturers


As we gather to celebrate Thanksgiving this year and the festive lights start to twinkle, signaling the start of the holiday season, the pace of the business world often seems to slow with the quietness of winter. This time of year, while traditionally marked by a slowdown in hiring, presents a unique and underutilized opportunity for industrial manufacturing companies to fill some of their critical open positions. As many focus on the festivities and end-of-year reflections, the holiday season – starting from Thanksgiving – can be a golden time for those looking to enhance their teams. You can take advantage of this quiet period to fill key positions in advance of the new year. Hiring, especially in pivotal sectors like operations and supply chain management, can be a productive endeavor and in this article, we’ll delve into seven compelling reasons why.


1. Unwrap Top Talent: A Time of Lower Competition
While many companies slow down their recruitment during the holiday season, it presents a unique opportunity for those in the industrial manufacturing sector. Fewer competing offers mean you have a better chance of securing top talent in operations and supply chain roles.

2. The Gift of Availability: Passive Candidates are More Accessible
Professionals often have more free time during the holidays. This increased availability makes it an ideal time for us, as a recruitment firm, to reach out to passive candidates who are otherwise too busy to engage.

3. New Year, New Roles: Capitalize on Career Reflection
The end of the year is a time for reflection. Many talented individuals in industrial manufacturing are considering their next career move. Position your company as their best choice for the new year.

4. Streamlined Processes Amidst Festive Distractions
We understand that holiday schedules can be hectic. Our firm specializes in streamlining recruitment processes, ensuring efficiency even with limited availability. This approach keeps your hiring on track during the festive season.

5. Financial Efficiency: Budgetary Benefits
For some companies, hiring during the holidays can be financially strategic. Use end-of-year budgets effectively to secure necessary talent in operations and supply chain roles, avoiding the rush and inflated costs of peak hiring seasons.

6. Boosted Morale and Team Spirit
New hires during the holiday season can bring fresh energy and perspectives to your team, boosting morale. It’s a time of good cheer, and this positivity can be contagious in the workplace.

7. A Head Start on the New Year
By hiring during the holidays, you position your company for a running start in the new year. With key roles in industrial manufacturing filled, you can hit the ground running as soon as the holiday season ends.


Addressing Holiday Hiring Challenges

The holiday season brings its own set of challenges to the hiring landscape, particularly in terms of availability and engagement. With business days often cut short and distractions aplenty, it can be a complex period for companies to navigate. This is where the expertise of a search firm can be invaluable. By leveraging advanced tools and a wide network, a search firm can effectively streamline the scheduling process, ensuring that the limited time available is used most efficiently.

Having some flexibility becomes paramount during the holiday season and a recruitment partner can recommend and facilitate flexible interviewing schedules, adapting to the varying availability of candidates and clients alike. The use of virtual interviews can also be a game-changer, allowing for a seamless interview process without the constraints of physical location or tight holiday schedules. This approach not only aids in keeping the hiring process on track but also respects the seasonal commitments of all parties involved.


Holiday Food for Thought

While hiring during the holidays might seem unconventional, it offers numerous advantages, especially in the industrial manufacturing sector. By partnering with a skilled recruitment firm (perhaps even us), you can overcome the season’s unique challenges and unwrap the gift of a talented new team member ready to start in the new year!


As we embrace the holiday spirit and look towards a prosperous new year, we’re curious to hear about your hiring plans. Are you considering adding to your team during this holiday season? Let us know your thoughts and whether these insights have sparked an interest in holiday hiring for your industrial manufacturing operations.


Anjela Mangrum, the founder of Mangrum Career Solutions, is a trusted authority in executive recruitment for the manufacturing industry! She’s dedicated to matching top-tier candidates with rewarding opportunities in the field. Connect with her on LinkedIn and join the MCS LinkedIn group for the latest in manufacturing recruitment news and trends. Let’s partner in your hiring success!