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Anjela Mangrum

As the founder of Mangrum Solutions, Anjela is dedicated to matching desirable career opportunities with in-demand talent. She enjoys taking on hard-to-fill or confidential searches where performance and cultural fit matter. Anjela has a hands-on approach and is heavily engaged in each specialty search project in the firm, customizing their process to address her client’s unique needs. She works hard to stay abreast of the ever-changing manufacturing landscape and even harder to stay connected with the best supply chain & operations leaders in the market.  She is a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) through the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS).

She enjoys spending time with her family and relaxing with a good book or movie. She loves yoga and traveling to any place with a beach or mountain view.

As Managing Partner with Mangrum Solutions since 2010, Christian manages multiple aspects of the business. He recruits sales, operations, engineering, and other manufacturing & machining professionals with speed and precision. He also works closely with clients to identify hiring solutions that will resolve issues they are facing. He believes in treating individuals with respect and professionalism while developing mutually beneficial business relationships between his firm, his clients, and his candidates.

Christian is results-oriented with an honest and direct approach. He is a Bengals and Reds fan and enjoys discussing real estate.

Amy brings over 20 years of recruitment experience to Mangrum Solutions with expertise in mid-to-upper level supply chain & diverse operational searches. She is a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) through the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS). Her personable and warm approach allows her to develop close and valuable relationships with her candidates and she enjoys connecting them with opportunities to advance their careers.

Outside of work, Amy enjoys gardening, saving the bees, spending time with family and friends, and spoiling her dogs.

Margie has acted as an independent Researcher & Executive Assistant for Mangrum Solutions since 2011. She is skilled at uncovering hard-to-find talent for a wide variety of manufacturing searches. She also assists with social media management and marketing efforts for us. Her behind-the-scenes administrative efforts in a number of areas are invaluable to the entire team.

Margie enjoys traveling throughout the Philippines visiting their many pristine beaches and breathtaking scenery of the mountains. She loves gardening, watching quality movies and family gatherings.

Riya is the newest team member of Mangrum Solutions. She is an experienced Recruiter with six years of experience in technical and skilled manufacturing roles such as Engineering, Technicians, Machinists, etc. Riya is dedicated to providing a great candidate experience while matching high-performing talent with great career opportunities. Riya’s exceptional research and sourcing skills allow her to find and submit great talent quickly. Riya enjoys traveling and exploring new places. When she’s not reading, she’ll be found playing with her dog, Rocky, and spending time with family and friends.

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