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In the rapidly evolving landscape of manufacturing, the integration of digitalization and automation has become a driving force behind unprecedented growth. Recent studies, such as Manufacturing in America, have highlighted how these technological advancements have led to record-breaking expansion within the US manufacturing sector. As companies strive to stay competitive, streamline processes, and maximize efficiency, the need for talented professionals in automation and robotics systems manufacturing has never been greater.

At Mangrum Solutions, we are dedicated to helping businesses like yours thrive by providing tailored recruitment solutions that focus on your specific hiring needs. With our in-depth expertise in automation and robotics, we understand the pivotal role these technologies play in revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. From optimizing production lines to implementing intelligent robotic systems, our executive search firm excels at identifying and attracting operational and supply chain leaders with a proven track record in harnessing the power of digitalization and automation.

With the growing demand for customized automated solutions, our team of specialized recruiters possesses the knowledge and network to connect you with top-tier professionals who possess a deep understanding of programmable, fixed, and flexible automation technologies. We leverage our extensive industry connections, attending trade shows, conferences, and participating in relevant associations, to stay at the forefront of automation and robotics manufacturing news and advancements.

Transform your organization with visionary automation leaders

At Mangrum Solutions, we recognize that placing transformational leaders in automation and robotics manufacturing is paramount to your success. Our nationwide team of experienced headhunters possesses a deep understanding of the industry, its competitors, and the evolving job market. By partnering with us, you gain access to a vast pool of talent and ensure that your critical mid-to-executive level positions are filled with the best-suited professionals who can drive innovation and propel your organization forward.

We understand that hiring for automation and robotics roles often involves complex considerations, such as relocation and specialized skill sets. Our recruitment agency is well-versed in handling such challenges, ensuring a seamless and efficient hiring process for both you and the candidates. Our goal is to help you secure exceptional talent that not only possesses the technical expertise required but also aligns with your organizational culture and vision.

Experience the confidence of partnering with our executive search firm, knowing that our commitment extends beyond placement. We stand behind the quality of our candidates with our unrivaled 5-Year Replacement Search Program, providing you with peace of mind and long-term support.

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We recruit leaders for automation equipment & robotics manufacturers nationwide including

  • Automated machine tools
  • Automated assembly systems
  • Automated industrial robots
  • Automated storage & retrieval systems
  • Automated inspection systems
  • Feedback control systems
  • Unmanned drones – UAV, UUV, UGV, USV
  • Industrial sensors – temperature, proximity, vibration, etc.
  • Fixed, programmable & flexible automation systems

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5-Year Replacement Program

5-Year Replacement Program

We stand behind our placements with an unprecedented 5-Year Replacement Program to give you confidence in your hiring decision.

Proprietary GEAR Interview Process

Proprietary GEAR Interview Process

Our extensive proprietary GEAR Assessment Process combines the best in high-tech resources and next-gen headhunting to deliver exceptional talent.

Cultural Fit & Hiring Assessments

Cultural Fit & Hiring Assessments

Our assessments can provide a deeper understanding of the candidate’s personality, cultural preferences, employee development & more.

In-Depth Candidate Evaluations

In-Depth Candidate Evaluations

We customize in-depth interviewing questionnaires to vet each candidate thoroughly in order to determine if they are a good fit for your role.

Video Interviewing Solutions

Video Interviewing Solutions

In addition to video interviews, we can provide recorded video interview snippets to showcase presentation skills and reduce travel requirements.

Repeat Placement Discounts

Repeat Placement Discounts

We provide Repeat Placement Discounts to save you more with each hire and encourage a long-term relationship as we help you grow your team.

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