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Things to Consider when Working with a Recruiter

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4 Key Points When Working With Recruiters

In the professional world, working with recruiters is practically a rite of passage. No matter where you are in your career, chances are you’ve crossed paths with recruiters or will do so in the future. Understanding their role, their process, and how to effectively engage with them can be pivotal for your career advancement.

Here are four insightful elements to grasp when partnering with a recruiter:


1. Recognize the Recruiter Type

Recruiters can be categorized into three main types, each with its unique approach and scope:

  • Internal Recruiters: These are either employees or contractors of the hiring company, focused solely on filling that company’s positions.
  • Contingency Recruiters: Often working with multiple clients on several openings, these recruiters get paid only when they successfully fill a position. They are likely to approach you for various roles and usually handle lower-level or non-critical roles.
  • Retained Search Recruiters: These recruiters work on a retainer basis, meaning they receive payment upfront to fill an assignment. They typically manage critical roles that require top-tier talent. Building a strong relationship with these recruiters can be highly beneficial, as they can guide you through multiple stages of your career.


2. Understanding Who Foots the Bill

In the past candidates would often employ a recruiter to find them a job, but that is rare anymore.  Most of the time it is solely the hiring company that pays the recruiter, depending on the type of arrangement they have agreed on. This means the recruiter works for the client company and not the candidate.  Their goal is present the best candidates who fulfill the needs of the company and they will not submit someone that does not fit those requirements.  If you are a good fit, they will work diligently to make the match happen in a way that is beneficial to all parties.  Occasionally you will find a recruiter that believes in your background enough they will actively introduce you to target companies, and you should appreciate this opportunity if it arises.


3. Full Disclosure is Appreciated

Recruiters appreciate transparency. Cultivate a strong relationship with your recruiter and keep them updated about your job search process, including other opportunities you’re exploring. Make sure you copy them on communication from the client and follow up quickly after interviews.  Keep them updated on your job search status if you are pursuing opportunities outside of this role as well.  They need to be able to stay on top of the search and if you have another offer that may be presented they will need to know about that so they can inform their client and move appropriately.  Be open and be honest.  Don’t refuse to answer questions or be evasive as these are red flags.  A recruiter’s main objective is to develop a win-win situation for both the client and the candidate.


4. The Advantage of Specialized Recruiters

Top-tier recruiters often specialize in specific niches, providing them with a deep understanding and a vast network within their chosen field. For instance, Mangrum Solutions specializes in operations and supply chain roles within the industrial manufacturing industry. By focusing on this specific area, they have a strong network and a comprehensive understanding of the associated companies and competitors. If you’re seeking a recruiter, prioritize those who specialize in your desired field, as they can offer more insightful guidance and better connections.


Reflecting on your own experiences, how many times have you been recruited? What were those interactions like?


Anjela Mangrum, the founder of Mangrum Career Solutions, is a trusted authority in executive recruitment for the manufacturing industry! She’s dedicated to matching top-tier candidates with rewarding opportunities in the field. Connect with her on LinkedIn and join the MCS LinkedIn group for the latest in manufacturing recruitment news and trends. Let’s partner in your hiring success!