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Upgrading Manufacturing Talent

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Twists and Turns of the Global Economy

The global economic landscape often feels like a roller coaster, full of unexpected turns that can unsettle even the most established businesses. This was evident during the pandemic, which disrupted the norms we’d grown comfortable with, highlighting the ever-shifting nature of our business foundations. So, how do we build resilient teams capable of weathering both the highs and lows?



When the Going Gets Tough

The answer lies in refining your hiring practices. When the going gets tough, the tough don’t just keep going—they elevate their game. To maintain a competitive edge, companies often need to upgrade their talent pool from B players to A players, even if it requires making hard decisions.


Topgrading for Success

“Topgrading” underperformers may be a necessary step to aid a company’s recovery and success. This involves conducting a thorough audit of your existing talent and strategically hiring individuals with the skills needed to fill any gaps.


The Power of Effective Hires

Introducing more effective hires can lead to dramatic improvements in a company’s overall performance. But how can companies attract top talent in today’s job market without exceeding budget constraints?


Addressing Weaknesses Head On

Start by conducting a realistic assessment of your company’s weaknesses. Every organization has its share of weak links—an audit will help identify underperformers, teams in need of stronger leadership, and the talents or technological advancements your company needs to evolve its product strategy. Sometimes, repositioning employees into roles that better leverage their strengths can be an effective solution. However, without a proper talent audit, it’s hard to know which steps to take.


The Role of Recruitment Firms

It’s not uncommon for companies to tolerate poor performance due to a lack of replacement options. Before considering letting go of underperformers, it’s wise to invest time in seeking new talent and understanding the types of profiles available to you. Partnering with a robust recruitment firm can help you devise a strategy tailored to your unique hiring needs.


Targeting the A-Players

Upon identifying roles that require talent replacement, it’s crucial to understand who the A-players are for these roles and which companies might hold your desired talent. Once again, a recruitment partner can be invaluable. Choose a firm with a deep understanding of your industry, capable of devoting the necessary resources to fill the role while maintaining confidentiality. Retained firms can not only locate and attract prime candidates but also convey your seriousness in hiring top-tier talent.

According to a 2018 report by Gallup, a whopping “51% of workers are looking to leave their current jobs.” With such a high number of potential candidates, are you equipped to attract the top players to strengthen your team?

So, what strategies have you adopted to make your team reorganization less painful and more efficient for everyone involved?


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