Upgrading Manufacturing Talent

What it Takes to Build a World Class Team…


The world economy takes strange twists and turns every now and then, throwing what we are comfortable with into disarray. The pandemic certainly showed us that we are never on a solid foundation, but rather in shifting sand. How do you ensure you hire the strongest teams possible to get you through the good times and the bad?


It boils down to improving your hiring practices. When the going gets tough, tough companies get going. In order to retain their competitive edge, companies have to frequently upgrade their talent from B players to A players, and sometimes that means making tough decisions.


Topgrading underperformers is sometimes necessary to help a company recover and succeed. Conducting a thorough audit of existing talent combined with the strategic hiring of people with the strengths needed to fill in any skill gaps is key.


By hiring more effective people, dramatic results can be seen in a company’s overall performance. The question that many companies face is how to get stronger talent in today’s job market without breaking the bank.


Begin by realistically assessing your company’s weak spots. There are weak links in every organization and an audit will allow you to determine which people are not performing at the level that you need? Which teams need better leadership? What are the talents or technological advancements that your company needs in order to evolve its product strategy? Sometimes you can move people into other roles that can leverage their strenghts more effectively, but without a proper talent audit, you won’t really know what steps you need to take.


Quite often, companies people put up with poor performance because they don’t have anyone to fill the position. Seen from this perspective, it’s a good idea to invest some time to search for new talent and get an idea of the kind of profiles that the company can get its hands on, before letting go of underperformers. Partner with a strong recruitment firm that can help you put in place an effective strategy to address your unique hiring needs.


Once you have identified the roles for which you need to replace talents, you must find out who are the A-player profiles for these roles. Know the companies that you would like to target to find the talent you need. Again, often a recruitment partner is what you need. Look for a firm that has its finger on the pulse of your specific industry. Make sure they will be able to devote the resources necessary to fill the role while keeping your search confidential.  Retained firms can find and attract prime candidates and their involvement sends the signal you are looking for a serious player.  Avoid watering down the name of your company by allowing numerous firms to call on the same good candidates.  This can make your company seem desperate and unable to attract or retain talent.


Have you been through a poorly executed reorganization? What were some things that should’ve been done to make it less painful for those impacted.