5-Year Replacement Program

When you invest in the recruitment of new talent for your organization, it’s a risky and costly endeavor. You worry that you’ll engage a search firm that doesn’t perform effectively or successfully. MCS eliminates this concern by standing behind our Specialty Search with an unbeatable 5-Year Replacement Program. We know your industry and your competitors. We learn exactly who you’re looking for and we streamline your interviewing process. We thoroughly interview everyone we submit and we don’t send unqualified or unvetted talent for you to waste your time on. 

We know not every person will stay with the same company for 5 years, but we also know, if they leave, that role still needs to be filled. We can re-engage our resources and keep your critical positions filled while saving you the time and headache of starting the search from scratch. Partner with MCS, a search firm committed to developing a long-term relationship.

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