Hiring Endeavor – Prefer Success or Failure?

Working With Headhunters

A recruiter, or headhunter, is skilled in finding talent either currently employed or unemployed, matching them to a position description and facilitating the hiring process from A to Z.  This requires strong communication skills and people skills combined with expertise in your specific industry.  A good recruiter can be an invaluable partner in finding and retaining the best talent.

When working with a recruiter, there are some things to make the process go smoothly:

  1. Set up a call between the hiring manager and the recruiter.  HR can certainly be involved and take point on a search, but that direct communication with the actual hiring manager is key to ensuring the right candidates are presented.
  2. Discuss the process upfront.  Don’t surprise the recruiter with parts of the process they weren’t aware of as they are representing your company to the candidates and it will look bad to the candidate. Make sure everything is streamlined to hire as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  3. Be upfront with the salary range.  If you have a range in mind but would like to be at the lower end, be sure the recruiter knows that. If there is an absolute ceiling, be clear on that upfront.
  4. If a candidate isn’t right for the position, be sure to share the specific reasons why to the recruiter.  Phrases like, “she isn’t the right fit” or “he is overqualified” don’t give the recruiter enough information to recalibrate their efforts and target who you really need.
  5. Build a long-term relationship with your recruiter. This person fulfills a vital role in your company in that she brings the right candidates to the table to minimize the cost of hire, get you the best possible candidates and bring in people who will be productive and contribute in a short amount of time.  Forming that relationship can go a long way to achieving your hiring goals.

These are just a few basic tips to help you succeed when utilizing a Recruiter. There are many more, but the main thing is to work with someone you can communicate with openly and who you develop trust and rapport with. Our job as Recruiters, after all, is to help you succeed in making great hiring decisions!

Have you had a bad experience with a recruiter? Would the tips above have helped prevent it from going awry?