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The Dish on Onboarding

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Success in Onboarding


Onboarding a new hire succesfully is one of the most important things a company can do to retain talent and build a great company culture. Once a candidate is hired, managers and HR people alike recognize the importance of getting that employee in the office and helping them understand expectations. For them to be productive and feel like a valued member of the company, they must blend in with the culture and understand company goals as quickly as possible.  In addition, the majority of new employees decide how long they will stay with a company within the first week!


Onboarding properly can be a challenge as leaders and HR are often pressed for time and resources.  Here are four tips that can make all the difference.


  1. Set Up – if possible, provide the new employee with their new email address and phone extension before they start their job.  Having that information makes them feel like part of the team and new colleagues can begin using it immediately. Give them insights and information they need in order to successfully blend in with their peers, their bosses and the company culture.
  2. Greeting – When the new employee arrives, make sure there is someone to meet them and show them around.  They should make introductions to their team members in a fun and memorable way. Remember how it felt on your first day and help them feel comfortable and safe.
  3. Projects – Give the person something they can engage with right away.  When everyone has work to do and the new employee has to wait, they begin to feel disconnected.  Engaging them in some sort of project, will keep them busy and help them start to feel like part of the team.
  4. Take the person and several of their co-workers to lunch during the first week and get to know them.  Nothing gives the feeling of connection more than being part of a group and knowing people on more than just a professional level.


Onboarding is really about getting an employee to feel part of the team and being productive faster.  It is an important part of the hiring process.


What are some fun or creative steps you take to help make new employees feel welcome during their first few days?