Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing

In addition to our Permanent Placement services, Mangrum Career Solutions can source talent for your Contract Staffing needs including:

  • Contract and Temporary Staffing
  • Contract-to-Direct Conversions to evaluate talent before hiring someone
  • Assistance with Compliance for Obamacare (Health Care Reform, & and the Affordable Care Act / ACA)
  • 1099 to W2 Conversions to reduce tax risks
  • Payroll Needs

Our back-office partner, Top Echelon Contracting, manages the process and coordinates all of the financial and administrative responsibilities associated with engaging contractors and/or hiring contract staff. All you have to do is authorize billing by approving a weekly timesheet and pay a simple invoice.

Hiring Needs

Wide Range of Benefits

Top Echelon Contracting becomes the legal Employer of Record and coordinates everything, including:

  • Employment Paperwork and Forms (Contract, -4, etc.)
  • Employee Benefits Administration (medical, dental, vision, accidental death, life insurance, 401(k), etc.)
  • Immigration Authorization (I-9 & E-Verify)
  • Insurance protection – Top Echelon Contracting carries a comprehensive package of insurance coverage to provide an added layer of protection for every contract placement.
  • Weekly Payroll funding and processing including:
    • Federal & State Income Tax Withholding
    • Social Security & Medicare (employee and employer share)
    • Federal Unemployment
    • State Unemployment Insurance
    • State Disability Insurance (if applicable)
    • Worker’s Compensation Premiums
    • Year-end W-2 Forms
    • Expense Reimbursements
    • Direct Deposit into Employee Bank Accounts
Why Hire a Contractor

Before we begin, you may be asking yourself, “Why would a client company want to do contracting?” Three simple words come to mind: cost, flexibility, and risk.

  • Reduce employment costs by allowing companies to only pay for the skill set they need, with very little training or ramp-up time.
  • During a hiring freeze or a budget constraint, contracting is a cost effective way to get the job done.
  • Avoid traditional overhead costs for things like healthcare that are associated with traditional employees.
  • Gain tremendous staffing flexibility to complete projects and meet deadlines.
  • Try the candidate and see them in action before making a direct hire.
  • Eliminate the risk tied to workers’ compensation, unemployment, benefits, and the normal exposure related to having traditional employees.
Why Become a Contractor

With all of the changes in today’s workplace and economy, contracting has become very prevalent among candidates.

  • Achieve higher earning potential because you get paid for every hour you work including time-and-a-half for overtime.
  • Get paid weekly as W-2 employees and still have access to a full benefits package.
  • Gain flexibility in your lifestyle to balance work and family.
  • Enhance their technical and professional knowledge and your portfolio of skills.
  • Get your foot in the door of a specific company.
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