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Design Engineer

  • San Antonio, TX
  • 2024-01-30

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The Product Engineer is responsible for designing and providing technical support for specific products and processes. The primary responsibilities include:

  1. Collaborate on projects for product expansion, cost reduction, and new product development, following the manager’s guidance.
  2. Innovate and devise efficient design solutions, ensuring the product’s structural integrity while optimizing cost, feature requirements, and manufacturing efficiency to align with customer preferences.
  3. Organize, delegate, and schedule work tasks, monitoring progress and facilitating team communication to meet deadlines (e.g., material procurement, outsourced drafting, MRP system updates, production planning).
  4. Offer technical support, field application assistance, training, and technical data to various company departments to exceed customer expectations.
  5. Utilize computer-assisted tools for product drawing and design.
  6. Enhance and refine products, processes, and communication tools.
  7. Efficiently complete assigned tasks within established timelines.
  8. Disseminate technical information to internal customers, including production, inventory, purchasing, and sales.
  9. Develop bills of materials, manufacturing routes, and standards for products.
  10. Engage in ongoing training relevant to the role.
  11. Undertake additional tasks in various areas and related assignments within the work domain.



  • 2–4-year degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • A valid Driver’s license is required.
  • Ability to analyze and comprehend engineering concepts related to steel fabrication design. Competence shall include, but not be limited to, static stress analysis, mechanics of materials, and mechanical component design.
  • Capable of acquiring proficiency in Auto-CAD SOLIDWORKS and SW PDM software.
  • Capable of acquiring proficiency in FEA software.
  • Capable of acquiring proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint software.
  • Capable of acquiring an MSHA Safety Training certificate