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Are you seeking a recruitment firm that comprehends your unique needs and consistently delivers exceptional talent?

Our expert team excels in sourcing top-tier executives for critical roles, driving your portfolio companies towards success.

Is your private equity firm navigating the complexities of building and nurturing high-performance teams across diverse industries within its portfolio? As you seek to maximize returns and drive strategic growth, finding the right executive leadership becomes paramount. That’s where Mangrum Solutions steps in – your trusted partner in executive search and recruitment.

Empowering PE Firms with Strategic Talent Solutions:

At Mangrum Solutions, we excel in partnering with private equity, venture capital, and other investment firms to navigate the complexities of executive talent acquisition. Whether your portfolio spans traditional industries, innovative technologies, or emerging sectors, our experienced team is dedicated to supporting your recruitment needs at every stage.

Navigating the Executive Landscape:

As you navigate the dynamic landscape of private equity investments, securing top-tier leadership talent is fundamental to your success. From visionary CEOs who drive strategic direction to dynamic CFOs who optimize financial performance, we understand the critical role that executive leadership plays in shaping the trajectory of your portfolio companies.


Guiding Private Equity Firms to Executive Excellence

Are you a Private Equity partner seeking a strategic recruitment ally to bolster your portfolio companies’ leadership teams? Look no further. At Mangrum Solutions, we understand the nuanced demands of the PE landscape and offer tailored solutions to meet your diverse objectives.

Understanding Your Needs:

Private equity firms vary in focus and objectives, from growth-oriented strategies to turnaround specialists. Whether you’re driving growth in established enterprises, executing buy-and-build strategies, or optimizing underperforming companies for maximum value, we comprehend the unique demands each PE model entails.

How We Can Help:

Partner with Mangrum Solutions to unlock the full potential of your portfolio companies. Our seasoned team excels in sourcing exceptional leaders who align seamlessly with your strategic objectives and organizational culture. From comprehensive talent assessments to targeted search campaigns, we tailor our approach to meet your unique needs, driving sustainable growth and long-term success.

Key Executive Roles:CEOs, CFOs, and COOs are the cornerstone of a company’s success, each playing a critical role in driving strategic direction, financial optimization, and operational excellence. From executive roles through the C-Suite, we specialize in identifying top-tier talent poised to elevate your portfolio companies to new heights.

Industry Expertise

Our extensive network spans a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, life sciences, IoT, smart manufacturing, high-tech automation, renewables and more. This allows us to find leaders with the specific experience and skills needed to thrive in your various portfolio sectors.

Tailored Solutions for Success:We offer a range of recruitment options, from partial-to-full retained searches, tailored to the level and complexity of your project. Our comprehensive approach ensures transparency, open communication, and lasting partnerships built on trust and mutual success.

Giving Back:

At Mangrum Solutions, we believe in making a positive impact beyond business. A portion of every placement is donated to a Children’s Charity, reflecting our commitment to social responsibility and community betterment.

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Enhancing Leadership to Maximize Portfolio Performance

In the high-stakes world of private equity, the success of your portfolio companies hinges on exceptional leadership. Whether you’re facing the challenge of replacing underperformers or looking to topgrade your existing team, Mangrum Solutions is your go-to partner for sourcing high-performing C-Suite and executive talent.

Tailored Recruitment for Diverse PE Strategies

We understand that private equity strategies vary widely—from buy-and-turnaround to long-term growth and profit maximization. Regardless of your approach, our expertise in executive recruitment ensures that we find leaders who can seamlessly align with your strategic vision and drive your portfolio companies toward success.

We recruit high-performing executives to take your portfolio companies to the next level

  • Operational excellence
  • Turnaround solutions
  • Strategic planning
  • Company growth & expansion
  • Financial reporting, P&L and analysis
  • Stakeholder management
  • Risk management
  • Human resources and talent development
  • Cultural change
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Customer relationship management
  • Sustainability and corporate social responsibility
  • Performance management
  • Innovation and technology adoption
  • Cost reduction strategies
  • Crisis management

Our happy customers love their operations recruiting success

Why choose Mangrum Solutions?

5 year replacement program

5 year replacement program

We want to earn your trust. One way we do this is by standing behind our placements with a 5 Year Replacement Program. This gives you confidence that our top priority is a great fit!

Save time & energy

Save time & energy

We know you are busy and you need to partner with an expert who will manage the critical task of sourcing and delivering you exceptional operational talent so you can focus on what you do best.

Strong bench of talent

Strong bench of talent

With our vast nationwide network of operational talent we can help you acquire hidden talent you won’t find on job boards or through contingency search.

Customized approach

Customized approach

Whether you are looking for local talent or expect to relocate, we have a strong nationwide database of operations leaders we can recruit from. We get to know our clients and customize our strategy for each unique search situation.

High-tech and high-touch

High-tech and high-touch

Success comes when you leverage the right resources and tools. We combine the most highly effective technology available with next-gen headhunting techniques to help you hire the best.

Integrity and excellence

Integrity and excellence

We believe in doing things right. We adhere to the National Association of Personnel Services’ (NAPS) commitment to recruitment excellence, and we stay in compliance with laws and best business practices.

Our proprietary recruitment process

Our specialty search utilizes an extensive and customizable proprietary process to help us find and engage the right talent for your search. Here is a high-level overview of our search process:


Gain extensive company and cultural understanding


Perform a deep dive into the position specs


Customize an in-depth talent sourcing strategy


Pursue, interview and engage targeted talent


Present candidate summaries with valuable insights


Facilitate interviews and communication


Manage from negotiations through acceptance


Post-hire check-ins to assist in integration

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Are you an experienced private equity leader seeking your next executive opportunity?

Explore and apply for exclusive operational roles ranging from management to executive positions, including the C-Suite. If you possess operational and financial expertise and excel in driving private equity firms to new heights, we want to connect with you.

Many of our high-level opportunities are confidential. Upload your resume to be considered for matching positions tailored to your skills and interests.

Frequently asked questions about operations recruiting

Discovery Call: Building a Strong Partnership We begin each search with a detailed discovery call to fully understand the strategic objectives, specific requirements, and cultural nuances of your portfolio companies. This in-depth call, which can take up to an hour, establishes the foundation for a strong partnership. It allows us to delve deeply into the company’s needs, ensuring we identify candidates who not only possess the necessary skills but also align seamlessly with the team’s chemistry for a long-term fit.

Strategizing a Tailored Approach Understanding the unique challenges and goals of private equity firms, our team then convenes to strategize a tailored approach for your search. We leverage our extensive proprietary search process, customizing it to be as effective and efficient as possible in uncovering and vetting top-tier talent. Our process is designed to align with your firm’s investment strategy, whether it’s buy-and-turnaround, growth and expansion, or long-term value creation.

Regular Communication and Agile Strategy Throughout the search, we maintain regular weekly communication to keep you informed and to continuously refine our understanding of your evolving needs. Our approach ensures that we remain agile and responsive, adapting our strategy as necessary to meet the dynamic demands of your portfolio companies. By combining our deep industry expertise with a keen understanding of the private equity landscape, we provide a bespoke recruitment service that supports your strategic vision and drives success across your investments.

Our fees are customized based on the complexity, difficulty, and seniority of the search and typically range between 25% and 35%.

We offer two primary search options tailored to your needs:

  • Specialty Search: Our most popular option involves an upfront fee with the balance due upon hire. It includes our 5-Year Replacement Program.
  • Full-Retained Model: This comprehensive option involves three payments: 1/3 upfront, 1/3 at day 45, and 1/3 upon search completion. It includes our 5-Year Replacement Program and additional layers of interviewing.

Both options are designed to ensure a successful and tailored recruitment process for your portfolio companies and specific hiring needs.

Every client asks this question, and my answer is always the same. It depends on the hiring managers involved, the complexity of the search, and the market. Barring any complications, an average search takes between 4 – 6 weeks and we pace ourselves based on the speed and urgency of our client and how quickly they communicate and move our candidates through their interviewing process. If a client has a long and drawn-out process, it will take longer to complete a search. If they are decisive and their process is efficient, it can happen much quicker. It is not uncommon for a search to only take a few weeks, but it’s also not uncommon for a search to take several months. 

During our discovery call, we will do our best to provide you with an educated estimate of what we expect the timeline to take. We try to set realistic expectations as there are many factors outside our control that can affect the timeline.

We employ a data-driven approach to ensure our recruitment strategies are both effective and aligned with the strategic goals of private equity firms. Key metrics we track include:

  • Time-to-Fill: We monitor the time taken to fill executive positions to ensure a swift and efficient process, minimizing any potential disruption to your portfolio companies.
  • Candidate Flow: We analyze the flow of candidates through each stage of the recruitment process to identify and address any bottlenecks, ensuring a steady pipeline of high-quality candidates.
  • Cycle Times Against Targets and Benchmarks: We measure our cycle times against industry benchmarks and customized targets to ensure we are meeting or exceeding expectations.
  • Retention Rates: We track the retention rates of placed executives to ensure long-term fit and success, reflecting the quality and accuracy of our placements.
  • Candidate Quality and Performance: Post-placement, we gather data on the performance and impact of the executives we place, ensuring they are driving the expected value and results within your portfolio companies.
  • Client and Candidate Satisfaction: We regularly collect feedback from both clients and candidates to continuously improve our processes and ensure we are meeting the unique needs of private equity firms.

By leveraging these metrics, we provide a transparent and accountable recruitment process, ensuring that our efforts are contributing to the overall success and growth of your investments.

In 2023, we achieved an impressive success rate of 96% on our Specialty Search, significantly surpassing the industry average of 80% for retained searches. We pride ourselves on our selectivity and commitment to taking on hires we are confident we can fill successfully, ensuring an exceptional fit between both the company and the candidate.

Our success is driven by two key factors: our proprietary search process and our rigorous interviewing standards. Our proprietary search process excels at uncovering passive talent in hidden or unexpected areas, ensuring a persistent and thorough search. Additionally, our meticulous interviewing process rigorously filters out unqualified candidates, helping you avoid costly mis-hires and secure top-tier executive talent that aligns perfectly with your strategic objectives.

Hiring high-performing executive leadership is crucial to the success of your portfolio companies. Generalist recruiters may not fully grasp the unique complexities and strategic goals of private equity firms. A dedicated and experienced private equity-focused recruiter understands these nuances and can find and engage the experts needed to drive growth and value across diverse industries.

The evolving landscape of market disruptions, regulatory changes, and competitive pressures makes it essential to have leaders who can navigate these challenges effectively. Our private equity-focused recruiters are adept at identifying candidates with the precise experience and skills required to thrive in such an environment.

Whether you are seeking a visionary CEO for transformational change, a strategic CFO to optimize financial performance, or a dynamic COO to drive operational excellence, we have the expertise to find the right executive talent. Our in-depth understanding of private equity strategies, from buy-and-turnaround to long-term growth, ensures we deliver leaders who align with your investment goals and organizational culture.

We aim to be a true partner to private equity firms, helping you hire the best and brightest executive talent available. Our thorough process leaves no stone unturned in our search, and we are highly selective about the candidates we present for your consideration. We ensure that every individual we put forward is someone you’ll be excited to speak with, possessing the skills and experience to drive success in your portfolio companies.

Our commitment to excellence is backed by our exclusive 5-Year Replacement Program, providing unmatched assurance and peace of mind. This level of confidence in our placements is a testament to the meticulousness of our process and our dedication to delivering top-tier executive talent that aligns with your strategic vision and organizational culture. Our competitors simply can’t match this level of thoroughness and commitment.

Our clients enjoy working with us because we are both highly effective and a pleasure to collaborate with. We prioritize honesty, reliability, and being a valuable resource for our clients. We strive to under-promise and over-deliver, and if we aren’t the best firm for a particular project, we’ll candidly let you know and recommend someone who is.

Our process involves regular communication and keeping you informed throughout the search, providing insights that can help improve your organization. We consult on strategies to make your portfolio companies more attractive places to work and enhance retention rates. Our commitment to transparency and our proactive approach ensure that working with us is both productive and enjoyable. Why would you want to work with anyone else?

We conduct executive searches nationwide, ensuring we find the best talent for your portfolio companies regardless of location. We have extensive experience in recruiting for major cities as well as small and rural locations where there may be a shortage of executive leadership. Our searches typically begin locally or regionally, but we are fully equipped to extend our reach as needed.

We are highly experienced in handling searches that require relocation and can provide the necessary guidance to ensure a smooth transition. Our nationwide network and expertise allow us to source high-performing executives who align with your strategic objectives, no matter where they are located.

When positions require relocation, we provide assistance to ensure a smooth transition. Our experience in handling relocations includes offering guidance from small relocation bonuses to full relocation packages. Our goal is to support you to ensure relocations are seamless and stress-free, helping new executives acclimate quickly and effectively to their new environment. Our nationwide network and expertise allow us to source high-performing executives who align with your strategic objectives, no matter where they are located.

Mangrum Solutions can help you fill critical C-Level and executive-level operations and finance roles, including:

  • Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)
  • Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)
  • Chief Operating Officers (COOs)
  • Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs)
  • Chief Sales Officers (CSOs)
  • Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs)
  • Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs)
  • Vice Presidents or Directors of Operations
  • Vice Presidents or Directors of Finance
  • Vice Presidents or Directors of Manufacturing
  • Vice Presidents or Directors of Marketing
  • Vice Presidents or Directors of Human Resources
  • Supply Chain Executives
  • General Managers
  • Business Unit Managers
  • Operational Excellence Leaders

We conduct thorough interviews and assessments to evaluate candidates’ cultural fit, ensuring they align with your company’s values and leadership style. This helps achieve a long-term fit and successful integration into your organization. Additionally, we gather extensive feedback from both clients and candidates throughout the hiring process to refine our understanding and improve our matchmaking.

No. We never charge our candidates to place them. We work for clients to help them fill specific search assignments. This only works when we match great talent with desirable opportunities. So, while our candidates don’t pay us, we still do our best to ensure each person is being placed in a position they will be happy with and where they will be able to grow their career. In addition, we help the operations talent we don’t place by providing access to resources and other career opportunities.

Yes, we can help with interim executive placements to ensure your portfolio companies have the leadership they need during transitional periods. We provide experienced interim leaders who can maintain stability and drive progress until a permanent executive is placed. If this is something you are interested in, please let us know and we can discuss the appropriate strategy.

We handle confidential searches with the utmost discretion to protect the privacy of both our clients and candidates. Many of our executive roles are marketed differently and so they are not posted anywhere. If postings are desired, we utilize fully blinded postings that omit any identifying details about the company. Additionally, we can require candidates to agree verbally and/or in writing to confidentiality before disclosing the company name. This ensures that only those candidates we are seriously considering and presenting are made aware of the company’s identity.

Furthermore, we can share the company name only with candidates we have thoroughly vetted and are confident in presenting, rather than disclosing it at the beginning of the process. This approach minimizes the risk of information leaks and maintains the confidentiality of the search.

We also expect our clients to appreciate and honor the confidential nature of the candidates we work with. Many candidates are concerned about the potential repercussions of it becoming known that they are exploring new opportunities. We ask our clients to be mindful of this and to take all necessary precautions to protect the identities of candidates, ensuring their privacy is maintained and their current employment is not jeopardized. This mutual respect for confidentiality is crucial for maintaining trust and ensuring a successful and discreet recruitment process.

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